Kasai North America, INC.

Our Products

Kasai is a full-service tier 1 automotive interior and exterior trim supplier providing parts for vehicles in all global markets. Kasai provides a one-stop solution for customer’s needs and is a leader in the market on innovation, with multiple award-winning patents and technologies emphasizing sustainable production. From luxury cars to commercial-grade trucks and buses, Kasai is committed to meeting and exceeding the customer’s needs.

Overhead Interior Systems

From headliners to grip handles and map lamps, Kasai manufactures a complete overhead interior system for a wide range of customers. Our company provides a full design and development of complete headliner…

Door and Body Trim

From simple injection molded to fully wrapped body and door trims, Kasai has the capability and the expertise to design, develop, and manufacture all types of trim products.


Kasai provides full luggage systems from Luggage Boards, Tonneau Covers, Luggage Storage, and Luggage Side Trims.

Exterior Parts
Car Console
Noise Insulation
Engine Covers

From exterior trims to full bumpers, Kasai has the machine capability to produce the smallest trim parts to full bumper trims and tool boxes.

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Kasai has had a history of providing center consoles for our global customers. A wide range of options are available and Kasai is capable of fully wrapped leather with designer stitching to economical molded urethane core console lids. The full center console system can be produced to meet the customer’s needs.

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Designed to provide sound dampening for the vehicle, Kasai produces a wide range of dash insulators for the market. From simple formed felt to dual layer formed insulators, our company can provide you with a solution to your acoustic needs.

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Under the hood, decorative components such as engine covers are increasingly becoming common on newer model vehicles. These appearance enhancements provide a cleaner appearance in the engine compartment.

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Our Innovations

Kasai research and development is at the forefront of developing technologies for improving vehicle performance, and provide technologies that ensure good stewardship of the environment. From our KHP molding technology, which utilizes recycled material, to our award winning heat shielding headliner technology, Kasai strives to bring innovation to the market that provides value to the customer and superior performance improvement for the vehicles in the markets they serve.

Heat Shield Headliner (HSHL) technologies were developed by Kasai to improve cabin comfort and fuel economy in both traditional internal combustion and electric vehicles. This shielding technology is capable of reducing interior cabin temperatures by 10.2 degrees Celsius. The shielding layer is available as integrated layer in headliners and is ideal for improved fuel economy and lightweighting

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Testing Capabilities

Since 2015, Kasai North America has been operating a full testing facility in Manchester, Tennessee. The lab is capable of running validation tests for environmental, safety, material, and chemical analysis. Most customer required tests can be conducted in-house by our testing center at a lower cost than independent testing labs.

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