Kasai North America, INC.

Overhead Interior Systems

Overhead Interior System- From headliners to grip handles and map lamps, Kasai manufactures a complete overhead interior system for a wide range of customers. Our company provides a full design and development of complete headliner systems. With decades of experience in overhead interior systems, you can trust Kasai to deliver a superior product for your customer.


Kasai has a comprehensive portfolio of construction methods for overhead systems. Versatility in manufacturing methods leads to maximum lightweighting, reduced VOC content, and improved acoustic performance.

  • Wide range of material composite forming & edge treatment capabilities
  • Faux suede, knit, and nonwoven fabric processing capability
  • Award winning patented aluminum headliner heatshield

Overhead System

Map Lamps, camera sensors, and overhead storage systems are commonly included in most vehicles today. Kasai produces the full range of overhead components and systems to meet your needs.


Designed to block the sun from drivers and passenger’s eyes, this simple but effective part has developed over the years to integrate vanity mirrors and lighting. Innovations such as a sliding function on the swing arm let the user adjust the sunvisor to block light efficiently. Kasai produces sunvisors for all vehicle types including commercial and passenger vehicles.

  • Integral and remote lighting
  • Cloth & vinyl options
  • Extending and non-extending options
Sunvisor and Precision Injection Molding In Automotive Industry, Engine Cover Parts