Kasai North America, INC.

Door and Body Trim

From simple injection molded to fully wrapped body and door trims, Kasai has the capability and the expertise to design, develop, and manufacture all types of trim products.


Kasai uses the highest quality materials with an emphasis on environmentally friendly content. We have a full range of capabilities and advanced processes to enhance interior trim.

  • Environmentally Friendly: TPU/TPO/TPE
  • Quality Material: Genuine Leather/ Real Wood
  • Advanced process: Stitching/Kimekomi/Lamination/2 Color Molding
  • Full Range Decoration Expertise

Body Trim

Wrapped and molded resin parts that cover the metal body frame, Kasai produces a wide range of body trims from simple injection-molded pillar covers to cloth wrapped covers. These parts provide impact protection and are increasingly engineered with airbag deployment.

Vehicle Door Trim and Panel by Experienced Door Trim Manufacturers

Rear Parcel Shelf

Located behind the rear seat and window, the rear parcel shelf is a complex part with multiple build in features.

Bug Lug Lid, Luggage Trunk trim and Injection Molding Manufacturers