Kasai North America, INC.

Luggage Floor Board And Trunk Trim

Luggage Side Trim

Located in the trunk and rear of vehicles, the luggage side trim provides an attractive covering over frame, while often supplying additional storage for tools and accessories and even integrated vacuums and power outlets. These parts can range from a simple injection-molded resin piece to our unique KHP molded part technology.

Tonneau Cover/Board

Used to provide privacy in the luggage area of hatchback, station wagons, and SUVs, tonneau covers and boards are made in a variety of ways. From a simple board similar to the parcel shelf board to a more complex retractable versions, Kasai is experienced in producing tonneau covers and boards for the industry.

Tonnue Cover, Luggage and Trunk Trim

Trunk Room

In SUV and passenger vans, the cargo areas feature a full trim area with built in features such as cup holders, cargo space, and electrical outlets. These parts can be made from durable polypropylene resins to a hybrid injection and molded carpet material for reduced weight or for aesthetically unifying design elements in the trunk area.

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Floor Board

Kasai produces luggage floor systems with lightweight and durable materials with a variety of top coat applications. From injection molded to honeycomb material, Kasai can meet customer requirements. Technologies for the base board include:

  • GF PU integrated Honeycomb board
  • GF PP injection molded Boards
  • GF PP blow molded boards
  • Glass Fiber + PP powder boards
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Luggage Floor Underbox

Located under the luggage floor boards, the underbox systems are used to store spare tires, tool storage, and additional luggage space. The luggage underbox are typically molded in resin, and Kasai has the injection molding press tonnage to produce underboxes of any size.