Kasai North America, INC.


Kasai North America has a substantial footprint in the North America market. With eight manufacturing sites located throughout the Southeast and Ohio, as well as our sister company in Leon, Mexico, Kasai North America can produce product near most customer plants. In addition to our manufacturing sites, Kasai North America is headquartered in Tennessee, and to support customer design needs, Kasai employs a full design team located in Michigan.

Manchester, Tennessee

The flagship manufacturing location for Kasai North America and founded in 1986, the Manchester, Tennessee plant manufacturers door trims, headliners, trunk systems, and bodyside parts. The Manchester plant also houses our extensive testing center facility. Our Manchester plant employs over five hundred personnel and a 562,000 square feet plant footprint. The Manchester plant has injection mold capabilities from 75 ton to 3000 Ton in addition to equipment utilized for headliner forming and door and luggage system assembly.

Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Serving the upper Ohio region’s automotive industry, the Upper Sandusky plant services surrounding customers. The plant produces headliners, door trim, and bodyside parts. The plant has foam manufacturing capabilities related to headliner forming.  Our Ohio operations employ over five hundred personnel with a plant campus over 352,000 square feet. In addition to headliner forming and door assembly, Ohio has injection mold presses in the range of 100 to 3000 tons.

Talladega, Alabama

Located in Talladega, Alabama, our plant produces doors, sideliners, and bodyside parts at this location. Talladega employs over four hundred personnel in a 251,000 square foot facility. In addition to headliner forming and door assembly, Talladega has injection mold presses in the range of 90 to 3000 tons.

Prattville, Alabama

Located in Prattville, Alabama, our plant here is a large tonnage injection mold operation handling exterior trim parts such as bumper components. Prattville employs fifty personnel and has injection mold presses from 90 to 3000 tons.

Madison, Mississippi

Located in Madison, Mississippi, our plant produces a full range of headliners, door trims, sideliners, bodyside, and trunk systems. Our Madison plant has over 400 personnel employed in operations onsite. Our facilities at Madison are over 381,000 sq feet of manufacturing space. In addition to headliner and door forming, our plant has injection mold presses in the 90 to 3000-ton range.

ILC Smyrna, Tennessee

Located in Smyrna, Tennessee, our plant is located on the Nissan campus and produces headliners in support of their manufacturing site. Our ILC location employs over 250 personnel. In addition to headliner forming equipment, the site supports headliner manufacturing with injection molding capabilities from 1300 to 3000-ton range.

SPS Canada

Located in Canada, our SPS site produces assembles headliners at our facility in support of the near site Honda plant.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Located as a near site operation to support Volkswagen production, our Chattanooga site utilizes 34,000 square feet onsite in support of our customer.